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Koshvani website designed and developed to keep the financial health of the state and to bring transparency into Government Transaction. This web site helps Finance Department, Financial Controllers of different department. This will help more than 6000 DDO’s of state to reconcile the receipt and payment details with treasury figures. More than 160 HOD will be benefited to get there grant/scheme wise progressive expenditure/Budget details.

UP Koshvani Finance Depratment Official Website

Grant-wise expenditure

Grant & Plan-NonPlan expenditure

Grant & Major Head-wise expenditure

Grant & Object Wise expenditure

Budgetary Planned scheme expenditure

Budgetary Non-Planned scheme expenditure

Plan scheme details

Plan Statement-1

Plan Statement-2

DDO-wise expenditure

Division-wise expenditure

Division-wise receipt

Commercial Tax Receipt

Receipt upto Challan

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